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As a new state-of-the art facility, we are eager to partner with your company in providing all your occupational medicine needs. At CareFirst Medical Group, we are committed to providing fast and convenient service without compromising the quality of healthcare rendered. Our dedicated team of medical professionals experienced in the treatment of work-related injuries utilizes electronic medical records and computer generated reports, while maintaining continuous lines of communication and ensuring the most cost-effective outcomes for your company.

CareFirst Medical Group’s Physicians will work in conjunction with your company to ensure that your will always be notified of your injured employees treatment plan and work status. With same-day phone calls from our doctors, as well as same day transmission or work status reports, your company will be better informed regarding the nature and treatment plan for your injured employee.

We are dedicated to and specialize in providing occupational medical services. Among the services that we can provide to your company includes:

  •     Diagnosis and Treatment of work-related injuries/illnesses
  •     Pre-employment/Post-offer physical examinations and screening
  •     DOT Physicals
  •     Drug & Alcohol Testing (A designated preferred collection site for
  •     Quest & LabCorp)
  •     Respiratory Fit Examinations
  •     Audiometry Testing
  •     Spirometry Testing
  •     Return to work programs
  •     X-Ray and Physical Therapy Services On-Site
  •     Immunizations: Influenza, Hepatitis, Tetanus
  •     Vision Screening (Snellen & Titmus)
  •     Tuberculosis Screening
  •     Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services available

At CareFirst Medical Group, we are committed to providing your company with a comprehensive array of occupational services designed for cost-containment and to limit your exposure to legal liability. Subsequently, we can also perform on-site work tours to identify potential work place hazards. With wellness and injury prevention as our goal, we can also conduct on-site Health Fairs, Flu Vaccination Clinics, as well as, an ergonomics and stretching program.

Please call to schedule a tour of facility or have a representative speak with regarding our services. For additional information, please contact our office manager at (909) 773-0022 or email us at: office@carefirstmedicalgroup.com. We look forward to partnering with your company.


Due to the continued economic issues that this country is facing, many families have either lost their medical insurance or are no longer able to afford to keep it. Here at CFMG we understand. If you are currently uninsured, we will provide you & your family with a low cost, high quality healthcare at a reasonable price.

We currently see all PPO, Most HMO and Private pay. See Insurance & Network affiliations for our most current list of Insurance we accept.

Come and see us for the following medical problems:

  •     Allergies & Rashes
  •     Ankle Sprains & Backaches
  •     Asthma
  •     Cholesterol Screening
  •     Colds & Flu
  •     Diabetes
  •     Headaches & Ear Pain
  •     High Blood Pressure Screening & Treatment
  •     Immunizations (Hepatitis, Influenza, Tetanus)
  •     Minor Cuts & Burns
  •     Physicals (School, Sports, Work)
  •     Sore throat


Physical therapy is an important modality in the recovery process in individual with musculoskeletal injuries, acute or chronic pain syndromes and/or those with functional limitations. With our caring and compassionate board certified physical therapists and assistants we can provide the support, knowledge and treatment you need to help you return to your pre-injury state.  

Many studies have shown that early intervention utilizing physical therapy can result in a faster recovery, faster return to work and subsequently, reduced overall cost. By having an in-house physical therapy, there is better communication between physician, patient and therapist. Furthermore, the physician and therapist can closely monitor the progress of individual patient and can make recommendations for better care.

Finally, having in-house PT facilities makes access for patient easier allows the ability to schedule or change follow up appointment to either doctor or therapist in one visit. 


We can help to design or tailor any type of WAT to meet the specific challenges your company requires. This type of testing can identify if your applicant can meet the physical demands of the job he/she will be performing. We are currently contracted to perform pre-screening physical ability testing for the following companies: Workwell Systems, Inc and Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. 


At CFMG we offer drug testing various form to assist your company. All CFMG drug screen collectors are certified to ensure the accuracy in the drug screen collection process. 

We are a preferred collection site for Quest laboratories and LabCorp.

We have rapid drug screen testing available with negative results reported on the same day. All inconclusive or non-negative results can be (are) sent to the laboratory for verification at additional cost.

We also offer:

  •     Hair Collection
  •     Breath Alcohol Testing
  •     DOT Approved Drug Collections 
  •     Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services are available


The flu is contagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. Contracting the flu can result in symptoms including: fever, chills, cough, sore throat, head/muscle aches. This illness can range from mild to severe and can at times lead to death. Individuals such as the elderly, the very young, those with chronic medical condition, the immuno-compromised or pregnant individuals are considered high risk and are encouraged to get vaccinated. In addition, those individuals who do not fall into those high risk classifications should also benefit from receiving a flu vaccination.

In the United States, up to 20% of the total population gets the flu. Of these, 2about 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related complications and roughly 36,000 people die from flu-related causes.

According to the CDC, the influenza virus can take its toll on corporations and families alike. Children less than 7 years old lose an average of 2.5 school days due to influenza. About 3-5 work days per year, costing $7 Billion are lost every year to influenza in sick days and lost productivity. 

At CareFirst Medical Group, we know how valuable your time is. This is the reason why we offer on-site flu vaccination clinic for your employees. Our professional and courteous medical staff will arrive with all the necessary supplies required to administer the vaccinations to your employees. We will also provide the necessary educational materials regarding flu prevention. Let us help your company to minimize any lost work and to maintain your company’s productivity by scheduling a flu vaccination clinic at your work place.

Just provide a location at your worksite where your employees can come and receive their influenza vaccinations. A table, chair and trashcan must be provided.

Each On-site flu vaccination clinic needs a minimum of twenty five (25) participants. The cost of per flu vaccination and includes the cost of the vaccine, other medical supplies, as well as the licensed medical personnel.

First, determine approximately how many employees at your company will be vaccinated. Next contact the CareFirst Medical Group representative at (909) 773-0022 or email office@carefirstmedicalgroup.com to reserve a time and date for your vaccination clinic. You will then receive a Letter of Agreement confirming the reservation of your flu vaccination clinic. Your signature on this agreement will ensure the right amount of flu vaccines will be set aside for your employees. Supplies will be limited to the number of vaccines you reserved.

More Facts about the Flu.

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